Sisters Who Swing (SWS) Golf Association is an amateur golfing club for women. This growing association provides the opportunities for women to focus on learning how to play better golf; reduce their handicaps; develop friendships; provides support for the golfers’ efforts to increase their skills level; and team spirit in competitive play in the game of golf for business and for life. Our focus is to connect women with all the benefits that the golf lifestyle has to offer. This environment will form lasting bonds and new relationships.

SWS membership is open to all interested women golfers. There is no handicap requirement to join. Our mission is to provide a network where “Women can grow friendships, personally and professionally through golf”. New golfers, occasional golfers and avid golfers each will find “Sisters Who Swing” Golf Association programs geared to their interest and demanding time schedule.

SWS will make it easy to participate in our golf arena. Our development play on Thursdays offers instructional play on the course and a short game format that is suitable for the new golfer as well as the seasoned golfer. 9 and 18 holes of play consist on Saturday’s and Sunday’s throughout the area. Each year a schedule is established and weekly sign up is required to reserve your tee slot.

Golf is a vehicle for higher education. Golf unlike a lot of other sports is difficult to master even for the most talented athlete. Whilst your enthusiasm and courage will go a long way to becoming a better golfer, it will only take you so far. The good news if you take the right steps to getting your game right before you rush onto the course you can become a very proficient golfer. A good coach can see things from a different perspective and they are trained to understand every element of the golf swing.

SWSJG – Sisters Who Swing Junior Golf Program
Through our exceptional services and innovative programs, the coaches of SWSJG believe you will have a unique and wonderful experience. “We strongly believe coaching is a collaborative journey of self-discovery. It is our job to unlock every person’s potential to maximize their own performance by empowering them to self-correct and self-generate, while we teach the techniques of playing golf. We coach to inspire, motivate and perpetuate a love and passion for the game.

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As community advocates, SWS works for the advancement of golf skills as a vehicle for junior golfers to help them grow. Today there are kids in our communities that are passionate about golf but have not had the opportunity or the support to showcase their talent. We feel that this athletic drive should be supported, sanctioned tournament play, nurtured, and develop skills that will be useful throughout their lives. Our organization is dedicated to the process of making that happen but we need your help.

You can be a part of that excitement by supporting our youth with a $10.00,$20.00,$50.00,$100.00,$250.00 or any amount of donation. Click on the donation button TODAY!
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Each year our junior golfers will be playing in local and national events. We are happy to acknowledge your donation on our website and at our numerous events, (unless you prefer otherwise).

We would like to thank you for considering this opportunity to partner with our organization for raising funds. If you have any queries regarding our organization, our fund management policy, or the project itself, please feel free to contact swsgolf@earthlink.net.